April 7.4.2018 Vipava MD Ventus Rajko Česnik  
May 6.5.2018 Vrhnika MK Vrhnika Uroš Murkovič  
May 19.5.2018 Pobrežje Uroš Šoštarič, Matej Rozman The tenth anniversary of the meetings
June 2.-9.6.2018 Livno (BiH)   9. Camp of in Livno (BiH)
June 25.6.2018 Vrhnika MK Vrhnika Uroš Murkovič  
Avgust 17.-19.8.2018 Krško MK Krško and AMK Matjaž Zupančič, Marjan Zajec, Uroš Šoštarič 9. meeting of DG 600, 8. meeting of DG 1000 by V.K.
September 2.9.2018 Postojna DM Betal Sašo Šantelj  
September 15.9.2018 Cerkvenjak AK Cerkvenjak Zdenko Gačar  
October 13.10.2018 Vipava MD Ventus Rajko Česnik 4. "FES" meeting

You will be informed about every meeting at least two weeks in advance by e-mail. In case of bad weather, the organizer will set a different date or cancel the meeting.

Flying on meetings is the modeller’s own responsibility and third party insurance is mandatory. The expenses for any damage will be covered by the person responsible for the accident.

If you are interested in participating at the aero tow meetings, please send us your information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Created by: Uroš Šoštarič, December 2017