You have found a website full of useful, up-to-date and instructive information about modelling aero tow. On this site we will discuss all aspects of this activity in detail. Here you can find aero tow meetings calendar, flight manuals, reports from meetings, advice, contacts, photos… and of course information on how to join us.

What is aero tow? Traction motor model has the task of raising the glider model into the air. They are connected with a tow rope, which can be uncoupled by either model. An individual modeller navigates each model but the two must be coordinated with each other. When motor model raises the glider model to the desired height, the latter is disconnected and continues to sail on its own and with that it looks for uprising air or performs stunts. The motor model returns for the landing.

Therefore, aero tow unites modellers dedicated to motor traction models and glider models, who found common ground.

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Best modelling regards,

Uroš Šoštarič, March 2011


Uroš Šoštarič,
Head of aero tow meetings
Damjan Romih